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Friday, March 12, 2010

Ramblings of a lunatic at 3 o’clock in the morning.

I’m all about government cover-ups and conspiracies…until the plot devised is one against me!!!
So I grab my mail today and what do I pull out of my mailbox? A magazine with the cutest little caramel little girl on the cover wearing a yellow dress and holding a baby duck…awwww.

Plastered page after page where kids and babies, kids and dogs, kids and cooking, kids and moms, kids and teething, kids and tantrums, and kids, and kids and more of the cutest kids on the face of the planet.

My mom thought it would be a good idea to buy me a subscription of Parenting Magazine…What?!? Oh my God, this is her way of telling me she is ready for grandkids.

I get so much fucking spam to my business account it doesn’t even make any sense, if I were an evil witch queen I would create a virus to send to every single person who spammed me to ruin their computer.

That way they would spend most of their time trying to retrieve files from their computer instead of wasting my time with shit I don’t need and didn’t ask for.

So I was talking to Yvette today, she’s the one who did the cover art for The Darkness and she says she has some idea for the cover of Artificial.

You have no idea how happy I am that she is still onboard. She is the perfect artist to visualize the things that I write about she hasn’t even read The Darkness but she knocked the cover art outta the park.

Seattle has some pretty amazing artist, the last artist I commissioned, Athena Kirkman is simply amazing and I hope to commission her for a future project but as far as my writing and WordSmith Productions is concerned I was dreading the idea of working with another artist. So when she told me she was kicking around some idea’s it was as if I won the lottery!

Yvette drew a picture of a Futuristic City and she would like for me to write a short story about it, I am so pumped up about that project because the short story is kinda my thing and its nice to return to the familiar =D

I’ve got some really good DVD reviews coming for you guys so stay tuned for that but as for now I gotta try and get some more sleep.

“With my art I just want to survive.”
-H.R. Giger

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