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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Science fiction doesn't equal atheism.

Horrorscope: Misfortunes for April 23rd.
Your thirst for knowledge can only be quenched by reading as many volumes as you can get your hands on. But just as curiosity killed the cat, your investigation could also prove dangerous. Remember, when an ancient text warns about an incantation that will raise the dead, put the book back on the shelf.

Speaking of reading is it just me or is it extra hard to write an awesome review for a story that knocks you off your feet? I have no idea how I was privileged enough to land on an ARC list but I did. I've read this story three times and all I can come up with is Oh. My. E'ffn God!! I've won awards for my writing ...why is this so hard, why is this story so awesome. Ok let me try this again.

What I enjoy most about being a writer while reading is the subtle transformation from reading for enjoyment to being shown what it is to be a master storyteller while reading the words of others: Stephen King, Nalo Hopkinson, Joyce Carol Oates, Terry Pratchett, and now Eden Royce.

The 1st time I read anything from Eden Royce was when both of our the stories were accepted for publication in the anthology Strange Tales of Horror put together by Norgus Press. Her contribution is a poem entitled Devil's Playground. A short story is really hard to to tell but it takes the utmost skill to write horror themed poetry. The Devil's Playground is breathtaking and after reading it three times I found her on facebook to tell her so.  

Containment is a futuristic science fiction story that reads like a classic with religious undertones. In the world created by Royce Containment Crews stand next to families in hospitals waiting for their loved one to die because the renewable energy source that powers this City are the souls of the dead. You can’t help but wonder how bad things got for a society to allow such a thing to become acceptable; and the detached, matter-of-factly way in which Feast, a city employee, tells this story only serves to make the tale that much more unsettling ... and heartbreaking.

A question posed by Feast is “What’s the point of living when your eternity isn’t your own.” It’s a chilling question and it’s the exploration of this concept of fate and density that drives this atmospheric, unforgettable, and haunting story. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did and I cannot wait to read the second book.

Containment hasn't been released yet, but rest assured I will be letting you know when it does!

Speaking of release dates....I know, I know...but I can explain. I few months ago while I was rereading what I had wrote so far I made the decision that chapter 46 thru 70 of In The Valley of Shadows had to be scraped. Of course that basically threw the release date right out of the window. The minute I did that it's been slow going because I started to listen to the part of the conversation that I was having with myself telling me that there was no way that I was going to be able to pull this off, that there would be no way that this 3rd and final book would be as good as the first two. And because I started to believe me I tied up my own hands. After I reread the new chapters it became apparent that I wasn't telling myself the truth.

According to me the chapters I wrote last night are so awesome that it prompted me to set a tentative deadline with my editor so it feels like I am back on track. 

Now as far as the diet is concerned...well not so much lol.

Here are the links for Eden. Have a super safe rest the week guys and I promise not to be so distant.