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Monday, June 27, 2011

Psycho Suzie & Friends: Memoirs of a Nightmare

Word of the Day:
Paleography (pay-lee-AWG-ruh-fee) noun:
1. The study of ancient writings and inscriptions, dating, deciphering, and interpreting them.
2. Ancient forms of writing: documents, inscriptions, etc.
3. An ancient style or method of writing.

How to survive a horror movie tip# 14
Never be with the group who plays vicious pranks on the shy strange new kid, those pranksters will soon meet their doom and often in a horribly gory way.

No, it is not slander if you tell the truth. Especially if you have proof to back it up. Emails are great proof--I keep EVERYTHING.

So shortly after Crypticon I was contacted via facebook from an editor-in-chief from a small local publishing company here in Seattle. After exchanging a few emails I decided I liked this editor well enough and I asked about sending a query letter. The editor suggested that I send over the manuscript so I send an ARC.

After exchanging a few more emails I knew I wasn’t going to be working with this firm after explaining the reasons I chose to decline entering a working relationship this editor became abusive and belligerent which left me thanking my lucky stars that I had dodged such a large bullet. My BFF and I were joking about it and she said “you outta write a book about that.”

I thought it was insanely funny suggestion at the time but now I’m thinking that’s not such a bad idea …

So with that said I am considering a non-fiction publication Psycho Suzie & Friends: Memoirs of a Nightmare: just a simple journal type book of email exchanges with individuals representing four different companies spanning over the last 3 ½ years.

Of course with Artificial Light being near completion this pet project is going on the back burner and I’m in no rush to start a comedic autobiography. I’m not too worried the good thing is I’ll always have more than enough material because most people don’t choose their words carefully or think before speaking. Once you say something you cannot take it back and a lot of people have either forgot or don’t care that emails last forever….

Friday, June 3, 2011

It’s been awhile!

So sorry to have been gone for so long…it’s been crazy. I need to find a way to stay on of this social media thing.

Over the Memorial Day weekend I attended Crypticon as a vendor and oh dear God I had a flipping blast! I shared a booth with authors Timothy W. Long, and Eloise L Knapp, both of whom I interviewed here on my blog and sold out of all the copies of The Darkness on the 2nd day and Sunday just mere hours after the doors opened I sold my last copy of Strange Tales of Horror. It was an unbelievable weekend.

I think I might be a 3rd of the way through Artificial Light, and I changed the title of book III and a revised, re-edited, and 2nd edition may be in the works for The Darkness!

But wait! There’s more!

I also have a DVD pick of the week for you guys. Whoo Hoo! So. America’s answer to Masters of Horror is called 6 films to keep you awake. I’ve seen all six films and they all kick ass!

Out of the 6 here are my 5 stars:

To Let 5
Carolina and Tony have looked at dozens of potential apartments, and none of them have worked. When their realtor assures them that a newly refurbished and renovated apartment will be a perfect fit, they decide to check it out. Upon arrival, they find an abandoned and decrepit building without any residents in sight. They go up to the 3rd floor and enter the apartment, and find their own belongs already on the shelves.

A Real Friend 5
Ten-year-old Estrella spends a lot of time alone at home...or so it appears to everyone else. Like many children, she has imaginary friends, but hers are a bit different. Her friends are monsters. One day, Estrella makes friends with a new monster, a vampire that seems to be a little more real than the others.

The Christmas Tale 5
A group of children playing in the woods find a woman dressed as Santa Claus who has fallen to the bottom of a well. After some armature detective work they discover their new friend is a thief on the run with a substantial haul. The kids make the trapped thief an offer--her freedom for the money. But some of the children aren't sure that they can trust the thief, and go back on the deal.

The Baby's Room 3 ½
A couple and their newborn arrive at their new home, a beautiful old house that has been renovated to meet their every need. However, there is an entity living in the baby's room, which can be heard over the baby's monitor, and later seen on a closed circuit camera. Is it human, a ghost, or are the tenants simply going insane?

The Specter 4
An elderly writer visits the small coastal village where he was born and raised. He reminisces of his childhood, and the beautiful, mysterious woman he's been unable to forget. As he walks through his old village he catches ghostly glimpses of the same woman, and recalls the dark story of their forbidden love affair.

The Blame 3
Ana, a respected gynecologist, invites a nurse and friend from the hospital (and her daughter) to live with her, and act as an assistant. The house, a section of which is used as a private clinic, is light, cheerful and peaceful. However, something sinister lies beneath the veneer of contentment. Once her new `family' has moved in, Ana reveals that her private practice is in fact an abortion clinic. Soon after strange events begin to transpire.

Well until next time guys!