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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Author's have been Announced and I'm one of them!

Table of Contents for NorGus Press'
Strange Tales of Horror Anthology

Forward by Jeff Angus
Introduction by Matt Nord
Hunger & Hair by Matt Nord
The Leaf People by C.H. Potter
Birthday Boy by Eric Dimbleby
Missionary by Jason Barney
The Scarecrow Man by Daniel P. Coughlin
A Secret Amongst Boys by Mason Ian Bundschuh
Mother by Jessica A. Weiss
Graveyard Queen by Mark Roland Wilson
Sitwat Goes Home by Sarah Islam
The Monster by Crystal Connor
<-- I'm right here =D
The Devil’s Advocates by C.D. Reimer
Hall of Twelve by Rebecca Besser
Devil’s Playground by Eden Royce
All Your Flesh Are Belong to Us by Jason M. Bloom
The Night Visitor by Lorraine Horrell
Hanging by a Thread by Jeremy Bush
What She Saw by Darren Gallagher
The Pit by Darren Gallagher
Shotgun & Smoke by Ian Sandusky
VRZ by Patrick D’Orazio
The Hunger of Shadows by Robert Freese
The Devil, You Say by Ken Goldman
The Eyes That Watch by A.J. French
Dark Timber by Lee Zumpe
Poem TBA
The Shadow Beast by Anthony Bell
Get the Brick by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Lise by Jan Vander Laenen
Daggoth the Destroyer by John Pennington
Saw-Kill Road by Thomas M. Malafarina

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DVD Pick of the Week: An Angel...or is he?

Plotline: Sinister things begin happening to kidnappers who are holding a young boy for ransom in a remote cabin.

Scariness Factor: 41/2 out 5 Stars

Gross-Out Factor: N/A

Complaints: I think the alternative ending should have been the real ending but other than that it was pretty much perfect.

High Points: Christopher Borrelli’s 2007 Whisper creates a lot of tension as he builds the story around the stolen child, from the beginning of the movie you hate the kidnappers but once the story unfolds itself you start to feel sorry for them.

Personal Commentary: I super loved this movie, I watched it 3 times, but I do not want to say too much because I don’t want to give anything away, but if you like the trailer the movie is a thousand times better!

Stars: 5

Where I rented it: Netflix

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pre~Release Tour Dates & Radio Times

Monday, October 25 

Tuesday, October 26

Sol Searching Radio 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

Wednesday, October  27

Thursday, October 28 

Character Corner Radio 7pm Pacific/10 Eastern

Love Magazine Radio 4pm Pacific/ 7Pm Eastern

Friday, October 29  

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just touching base.

Hello all, so things are starting to come together and I really like the way things are unfolding. Next week my book tour starts, the reviews are coming in and I'm excited and humbled by each one, this week I should have the 1st copy of The Darkness in my hands! I have another story is developing, Artificial Light is moving along quite nicely, I need to fold the laundry that has been sitting in my dryer for about a week now and I need to write a seething letter to who ever created dust and I'll have the DVD Pick of the week posted by tomorrow and move Centipede to the archives.
Til then guys =D

Monday, October 11, 2010

DVD Pick of the Week: The Human Centipede

Plotline: In Germany, two American women and a Japanese man fall victim to a demented surgeon who plans to recreate a horrific operation with humans that he performed on his three beloved dogs: reverse-engineering Siamese triplets by attaching their digestive systems.

Scariness Factor: It’s not too scary, at 1st...

Gross-Out Factor: It’s pretty high on a 1 to 5 scale the gross out factor is a 5

Complaints: The two American girls and the fucking police! 1st of all how in the hell don’t you know how to change a fucking tire and for all of you who are thinking about traveling abroad stay in the fucking city if you don’t know where the hell you are. I don’t know what kinda cops leave a house to come back with a warrant without any kind of back up or radio communication. Do you? Yeah, didn’t think so.

High Points: Once you get past the gross out factor you really start to feel for these people who have found themselves in the most unimaginable horrendous situation and are fighting to survive.

Personal Commentary: Writer & Director Tom Six got it right with the ending because as the ending credits roll the only thing you’ll be left with is hope and despair which are fucked up feelings to have both at the same time and it’s the only time that The Human Centipede is truly frightening.

Stars: 4 Stars out of 5

Where I rented it: Blockbuster

One more time for good measure

So this little note came with the latest review:

"You are not a horror writer. Your writing style is considered MacGuffin therefore The Darkness, and all the other little stories on your blog, should categorized as horrifying Thrillers, Sci-Fi Thrillers, Urban Fantasy Thrillers and so on."

Ok, so what the fuck does MacGuffin? Right, I asked myself the very same thing, so I Googled it and here's what Wikipedia had to say about it:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[A MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is “a plot element” that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction".

The defining aspect of a MacGuffin is that the major players in the story are (at least initially) willing to do and sacrifice almost anything to obtain it, regardless of what the MacGuffin actually is.

In fact, the specific nature of the MacGuffin may be ambiguous, undefined, generic, left open to interpretation or otherwise completely unimportant to the plot. Common examples are money, victory, glory, survival, a source of power, or a potential threat, or it may simply be something entirely unexplained.

The director and producer Alfred Hitchcok popularized both the term "MacGuffin" and the technique, with his 1935 film The 39 Steps an early example of the concept.]

Oh. Well...that's not so bad. While we're at it we might as well look up the official term for Thriller:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[Thriller is a genre of literature, film and television that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as the main elements. The primary subgenres of thrillers are: mystery, crime and psychological thrillers. Thrillers are mostly characterised by an atmosphere of menace, violence, crime and murder by showing society as dark, corrupt and dangerous, though they often feature a happy ending in which the villains are killed or arrested.] Not the ones I like =D

[Thrillers heavily promote on literary devices such as plot twists, red herrings, and cliffhangers.
They also promote on moods, such as a high level of anticipation, adrenaline rush arousal, ultra-heightened expectation, uncertainty, anxiety and sometimes even terror.The brightest examples of thrillers are the Hitchcock’s movies.]

Whoa...really? Not such a bad place to be, but I'm done worrying about it The Darkness and the two books following in this trilogy are Science Fiction just to make it easier on the powers that be who need to categorized it.

The only thing I care about is that you, the reader, categorize it as a good book.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DVD Pick of the week...archives!

Ok, Ok I hear you...with Halloween fast approaching I am getting more emails concerning picks of the week and movie recommendations. I'm a little more busy than usual but I promise I have not forgot about cha. There coming, I promise.

Speaking of DVD picks I added an archive and put all the DVD pick's in one place. I will still be posting the reviews on the main page of my blog so that you can leave comments but then I'll archive the picks so that they'll be easy to find.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Monster.

DUDES! So last night at around 2am I found out that my submission of The Monster, has been accepted and will be published in an anthology...Whooo Hoooo!

I'm not sure if I can post all the details here because there has not been an Official Announcement but don't worry the minute I can tell you I'll be shouting it out from the roof tops =D

I gotta tell you about the 2nd rejection letter I received about The Monster. The letter said "...and though The Monster is an amazing story we feel it may offend the members of the African American community." I always send a handwritten little thank you note to the editors & publishers who send me rejection letters. Ya know, just thanking them for the time it took to read and consider my work, and I had to really resist the urge to say something smart assed in that note.

But I write those notes to keep myself grounded and you never know how someone might reacted to your work, my friend Kathi had the same concerns when she read The Monster but she her fear was that I would offend both black and white people.

The thing is this, chances are someone will be offened by your work if you stay true to your story and craft especially if your work is not considered mainstream. Just know that eventually you'll find the readers who will get and enjoy your stories.

I'm going to submit more work to the guys who accepted The Monster this might be the publishing house that I've been looking for, or maybe they just really enjoyed The Monster. Either way I am still floating on cloud 9 right now.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Googled Me =D

Ok, by now I know you guys probably think I'm a giant goof ball...guess what your right! So I just had to know what would happen if I google me and guess what I found myself on google! Whoo Hoo =D

Another thing I found out was that I have a message board, forgot all about it, as soon as I remember the password I will link it here.