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Monday, March 9, 2015

A rare non horror movie review

I usually do not review films outside of the horror or its subgenres but Emeriah Rich of Horror Addicts dot net supports writer/director Omar Haro and asked me to review this film.

Hearts&Kisses is a really good example of how a director can use the setting make the most out of a small budget and a limited time frame. Clocking in at just 14 minutes and 45 seconds the setting does all the heavy lifting, just sixty seconds in and you already know that this is a Christian household and this sets the tone for the strange little story that follows perfectly.

Hearts&Kisses tells the love story of Richie and Liz. They are a fairly young couple and their feelings for each other and the way interact with each other is genuine, tender, goofy, and awkward.

Surrounded by the icons of their faith, with her parents, and brothers, away Liz decides that tonight should be their big night, despite that they are still probably a year or two away from their wedding night. Of course Richie is delighted! But God is watching and Richie has a secret.

The pacing and storytelling of this micro-mini-movie is really good. The ending, if it could be called that, will leave you questioning what the hell it was you just watched but I am not going to fault it for that. I am going to give this one 3 out of 5 stars. Enjoy!