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Friday, February 27, 2015

This is what I wanted...

One of the things I quickly got used to when I made the transition from being a ‘signed’ author to a self-published author was, is, that I have complete control over everything I do. Everything. I would be lying if I told you that it wasn't downright terrifying AND stressful but for me it’s worth it because when it works, it really works, and when something I do doesn't it’s a hard learned lesson.

One of the things that I did that hasn't been done before is the way I layout the interior of my anthology. The table of contents is hand written, it’s laden with graphic elements but it’s not a graphic novel. I knocked that shit out of the park! I’m really happy with the way it turned out because having an anthology of my own short stories is basically the gateway drug to the nightmares I create. I know I am not going to be your only horror dealer but I have every intention of becoming a reliable one.

The problem with the layout though is that the format does not translate well into a eBook, which left me reeling because not everyone is willing to spend $14.99 on an up-and-coming-author and at that time most of my royalties’ were coming from digital sales. So even though I had a kick ass print version I felt like I fucked myself because in order to convert it into a digital format the graphics would have to be removed and that wasn't an option because that would completely change the tone of the stories.

So just as I was coming to terms with the fact that I had cut myself off from all the ‘gadget guys’ I met a woman named Kay Richards. And over the next two years this amazing woman that God had sent my way produced two audiobooks for me. A forever free version that is available on Podiobooks and a premium version that can be purchased on Audible/Amazon/iTunes

The free version went live in Dec ’14 and as of this posting has been downloaded more than 33K x, dudes, really? So mind-blowing I’m still kind of pinching myself, and top of that two people have donated despite the fact that it’s absolutely free. I was so moved by that I actually cried…both times.

So fast forward to right now and my control issues. Ok so Createspace is the self-publishing platform for Amazon, and the only thing you can not do is set the price of your paperback below the price it cost to print it. Fair enough. The platform for self-publishing audio books for Amazon is ACX (Audiobook creation exchange) I have no control, none whatsoever, no say at all, over how Audible sets the prices for the audiobooks. So when the premium went live on Feb. 19th with a sale price of $19.95 Audible members I panicked.

Quitting your job in order to make your dreams come true is insane, hard, and oftentimes ill-advised. There a months were I have to budget to the dime and I mean to the dime. I know how important book sales are but even still I buy my books from a 2nd hand store and at the end of last year I started bartering books with other authors, some who are far well off than I am. Buying a brand new book is something I have to save up for. As of right now I cannot afford to spend $19.95 on a paperback, let alone on an audiobook.

So, just as I was coming to terms that at least I have a free version of the audiobook, I check my sales report. I sold 12 premium audiobooks in 9 days. I’m paid 40% royalties’ and even after taxes I earned $103.57. Me, more than 100 dollars in just nine days. Selling stories.
I am an emotional wreck right now. This is what I wanted, but now that it’s happening I can’t believe it. I’m afraid that at any moment now I’m going to wake up. I've cried, did my happy dance, checked the sales report more than a dozen times to make sure I’m looking at it right…this is the most amazing thing ever! Like I am drowning in a sea of love and support, not really drowning more like bobbing gently in the warm tide.
I just can’t thank everyone enough, I just can’t. I’m going to take a nap now because I really can’t think but the only thing I want to do is to continue to be worthy of your time and support, this is really the most amazing day and it’s all because of you.

Thank you, you guys. I really mean it, thank you…

Here is the link for the forever free version of
Free Version of And They All Lived Happily Ever After!

And here is the link to the premium version with bonus material not heard on Podibooks