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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The God of Sleep, not that guy from The Matrix.

Today I am so super tired and in a really pissy mood. I worked all day yesturday and basically stayed up all night…and here’s the thing, with cancelled plans I wasn’t doing anything to warrant blanatly disregard my appoinment with the Sandman.

Soooo, by 3 am I wrote two reviews for my DVD Pick of the Week. At 4:30 I gave my self a pedicure and painted my toes a smoking hot sexy red color =D at 6 I was blasting and singing along loudly and off key to Areatha Franklin. R…E…S…P…E…C…T!
I was with a client at 7:15 and by 8:30 I was grocery shopping for the week. At 10(and this was probably a mistake) I went on my 2mile hike.

When my plans where cancelled last nite I was more than a little irratated but after lunch with my crew I was furious and in a murderous mood. Not at anything my employess did, they were is a super good mood and The End of the Shift Reports where fine.

I was angry because not only did they looked bright eyed and refreshed, it seemed like everyone around me was in a sickening good mood and well rested; and here I am tired…my eyes are read and feel like sand paper, my thoughts are blurry and sleep wants to be coy and play hard to get.

Last month I was sent to get a CAT Scan, and they found nothing wrong. My doctor is considering changing my sleeping Rx which I don’t even take because it only allows me to become more sleepy, bringing me so close to the suspension of consciousness, that I can feel breeze of sleep on my face just to be yanked back to the world of the awake.

I guess Papa John’s has a policy about returning the customer’s change or leaving a receipt but the delivery driver that came to my house did neither. My total came to $17.02, I handed the driver $20.02 and as I stood there waiting for my change and receipt, fully prepare to hand the driver a 5 dollar bill as a tip he simply walked away. How portentous to assume that he could just keep the change…and the receipt.

So after thinking about it for a whole minute, I took my pizza back to Papa John’s to return my pizza and demand my money back. They wanted me act like an ass hole and I was more than happy to accommodate …that is the VERY LAST TIME I will order from that pizza company.

So now at hour 36 I’m delirous and starting to hallucinate and I might be hearing voices…oh wait a minute its just my neighbors. I am just waiting for my body to shut down. I refused to be ignored by Morpheus. One way or another I will get some sleep cuz if I don’t there will be hell to pay…and I don’t care who pays it.

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