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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Back Story.

So I am at a point in Artificial Light where I am filling in the back story and answering questions left unanswered in The Darkness. A.L. is a way different than The Darkness even though it is a continuation of the same story line.

There is a lot going on in A.L., its almost like trying to tell three different story's at the same time. For one a large part of A.L. foundation takes place in medieval times...with knights and fair ladies and kingdoms and dragons...epic battles, the whole lot.

And another part of the story is written almost parallel to the main but is just as important and it follows the story of a couple of cops and a serial killer investigation.

And both these stories are in genre's that I don't normally read so I am absolutely shooting blinding from the hip.

I am struggling through the medieval part of my story,so a few month ago I wrote to a author who is a big deal in medieval fantasy, actually I sent him a copy of my manuscript and told him what I wanted to do and how I wanted to shape my story especially with the knights and the dragon.

So today I got an email from him and he was totally excited about what I was doing explaining that he was pretty much an authority on dragons and he'd never seen anything like what I'm suggesting in legend or lore and he thought it was a good idea. He explained that the people who read his works and others like it would defiantly read mine.

He changed a few of the things that my knights fair maidens were doing and he also sent me a tons of links explaining what people did in those times which helps ALOT and wished me tons of luck and apologized for the late reply, offering that he was working to beat a deadline...his 34th book (I wish!)

I guess I am a little nervous because though it took five years to write The Darkness (in my defense I wasn't writing every day) but when I was I wasn't struggling compared to Artificial Light The Darkness is a pretty easy read.

A friend a mine is doing the 1st read thru and says she's really enjoying it so I am going to go with that.

Besides maybe a writer should struggle thru their work, otherwise I'd probably just write a bunch a shit that no one would want to read...kinda like this stupid post. Yikes
til next time.

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