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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Suspense is Killing Me!

As an indie horror/scifi/dark fantasy film I accept direct messages for review request, and I get to cherry pick the ones I review for Horror Addicts but sometimes I am flat out told which movie I will be reviewing for Horror Addicts. Despite the fact that I quasi bitch and moan when this happens I actually like being assigned films, because every single one of them are movies that I wouldn’t have picked if left to my own devices.

The latest film assigned to me is Phil Stevens’ LUNG II (here’s the official Facebook page) I usually stream the movies I review but this time my mailing address was requested which can only mean I am getting a DVD and possibility some art work and/or a T shirt (just in case I’m a size XL) so much for being subtle …lol

Anyway, I LOVE DVDs, I even have an old school DVD Netflix accounts because one of the things I love the most are the DVD extras so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a bunch of behind the scenes goodies.

Another thing I am looking forward too is the movie itself. The LUNG II team was being very vague, almost secretive in regards to sharing the synopsis or reveling the plot. I love this tactic as a way to build suspense. When I am assigned a movie I don’t watch the trailer or read any reviews and the fact that they are doing this deliberately pipes more than just general interest. There are reviews out for both LUNG II and FLOWERS but I am avoiding them like the plague as clearly the director wants film viewers to experience these movies with an open mind and virgin senses.

I am more than happy to oblige! I will keep you all posted and will also do an unboxing with my review!

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