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Friday, October 3, 2014

31 days of me! Ok, well more like 20

Things you never see black people doing in horror movies: Thing # 20
Go into a house again after we find out it's haunted.

 Dudes! David Sims, Kevin O'Keeffe, Shirley Li, Arit John, and Joe Reid over at The Atlantic listed every single horror movie that's playing on TV every single day in North America for the month of October! It's like the ultimate list for a couch potato horror movie fanatic like me. (insert angles singing here) I'm totally gonna share this list one day at a time by listing what's on tomorrow so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. Oh, and another thing I am going to do is embed a short film that I liked from around the web at the bottom of this list.

Your welcome!

But wait, 1st let me explain the 20 days of me part. Starting Monday I am going back on tour with Juniper Grove Book Solutions featuring ...And They All Lived Happily After! and this time not only am I touring the paperback,€I also have an audiobook!

 I am so excited about it and the best part is that this version (link below) of the audio book is free forever on =D There's going to be deluxe version that you'll be able to buy on Amazon and iTunes w/bonus features but the release date is TBA because it's still in post production. It's already been downloaded over 14,000 times, nearly 700 DLs already for Oct. I'm still pinching myself, its just been so incredible. 

Ok so here's what's on tomorrow Oct. 4th

1:05 a.m. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, SYFY

1:30 a.m. Van Helsing, AMC

1:45 a.m. Teeth, HBO Signature

3:13 a.m. The Hills Have Eyes (2006), HBO2

5:05 a.m. Cry Wolf, HBO Signature

7:00 a.m. Monster House, Chiller

9:00 a.m. Christine, Chiller

11:00 a.m. Day of the Dead 2: Contagium, Chiller

12:00 p.m. The Mummy (1959), TCM

12:00 p.m. The Last Exorcism Part II, Showtime

1:00 p.m. Dead Before Dawn, Chiller

3:00 p.m. Resurrection County, Chiller

3:00 p.m. Peeping Tom, TCM

4:10 p.m. Constantine, HBO Zone

5:00 p.m. Hidden, Chiller

5:00 p.m. Resident Evil: Extinction, SYFY

7:00 p.m. Soul Survivors, Chiller

7:00 p.m. The Reaping, SYFY

9:00 p.m. Urban Legend, Chiller

11:00 p.m. Heavy Metal, Chiller

Enjoy! See you all tomorrow =D

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