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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From my friends & fans with love!

Things you never see black people doing in horror movies, thing #1:
Vacation at Chernobyl
This DVD pick of the week comes to you via my friends, fans, and followers on Facebook. I watch a lot of horror movies and the ones with at least a 3 star I like I review and post them here on my blog.

I'm a tough customer, so for the most part, while watching horror movies, all I do is scream at the people on the screen and post my frustrations as status updates.

Well about around 11pm last night I got multiple posts of this movie trailer to my wall with everyone saying the exact same thing...'this made me think of you' lol, I can't tell you how happy this movie trailer make me and I never get tired of watching it! Its hard to pick but if I had too my favorite part would be the VCR scene. Well without further adieu here is the trailer for the movie

Hell No.

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