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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Thursday, October 3, 2013


In local news:

Nearly famous, best-seller wannabe author Crystal Connor falls victim to The Creature of The Mist, as she ignores her own advice posted here and on Facebook and wanders off, alone, in the dark, snapping pictures for Instagram.

At 2:37 AM a neighbor called police to report an 'eerie silence' coming from the upstairs apartment. The police attempted entry but was halted by a little black dog hording what seemed to be a 1,000 tennis balls and aggressively guarding snacks. A sweep of the area only revealed the author's phone.

"This is just so unbelievable," the downstairs neighbor said requesting to remain unnamed. "Between the hours of like midnight to about four in the morning, I would hear her screaming bloody murder to some poor lass in a horror movie who was lost in the wilderness or had hid in the closet. To think she now shares their untimely fate, I guess you never really know someone. I have no idea how I'll ever be able to sleep engulfed in all this peace and quiet."

Here are a few of the images retrieved from the word-smith's phone. To view the entire college entitled "It Was a Dark & Stormy Night" and other random ass pix please visit and follow her on Instagram:

The Abandoned 
No Outlet

The Last Walk (of the night)

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