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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I know how awesome it feels when to have a book signed

Word of the day: Babel
Pronunciation(BAB-uhl, BAY-bunl) noun:
A confused mixture of noises or voices
A scense of noise or confusion

How to survive a horror movie tip # 49
If an item has "evil"/"demonic"/"cursed"/etc in its name/description, this is NOT your cue to start playing with it.

So this upcoming Saturday I’ve been invited to a private book signing! The book club hosting the signing also invited another local book club and I’m really excited about this event.

It’s still kinda jarring that people want my autograph and book events with me as the main event, and it still feels like having the wind knocked out of me every time someone I don’t know walks up to me and starts talking about something I wrote.

I used to be that person, that crazed fan who would send emails authors, stalk my favorites on Facebook, and run around conventions like a kid in a candy store with $100.00 to spend. I know how awesome it feels when to have a book signed or having my picture taken with mega superstars like George A Ramero and Malcolm McDowell

It feels just as awesome as taking a picture with locally famous people like horror model Jeanmarie Peck and renowned make up artist Dana Young or zombie novelist Eloise Knapp.

On Saturday I am taking my copy of The Darkness to the signing and I’m going to ask everyone find a blank section in the book, write a quick note about what they thought of The Darkness and then sign it because I know how awesome it feels when to have a book signed =D

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