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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Publicly humiliated

So almost a month ago I recv’d an email from a blogger who said she saw the book trailer for The Darkness and wanted to know if she could request a paperback copy to review and use as a giveaway on her blog. Sure, I send it off.

About an hour ago I got the most hateful email I have ever gotten from anyone. It was the blogger who requested the book and she out of her mind saying that she does not review books that goes against the grain of her faith. I got to her blog and the 1st thing I see is a copy of The Darkness with pages ripped out burning in her fireplace. Her post was an uncensored version of the email she sent. She has over two thousand followers and there were a lot of comments to her post…

A lot of hateful, racially and religiously derogatory comments. I can not even begin to tell you how upset I am, I feel like I’ve been spit on my stomach hurts and I have been reduced to tears. I tried self-medicating by eating some chocolate cake but its not working because it doesn’t even taste good.
I can’t write anymore because I can’t stop shaking


  1. Why would she ask if she hadn't read it?????

  2. Well, sadly some people are just hateful! First of all, your book is FICTION!! That's why people read fiction, because it is not real. What is her faith anyway?? And why would she ask for a copy if she knew the basic premise of the story?? hmm... Psycho much?
    Remember there were a ton of people who called J.K. Rowling a lot of horrible things and said she was trying to spread witchcraft. She still sold books. Unfortunately, this crazy person asked you for your book and then publically humiliated you because it did not fall into her personal ideals. It's not your book that is bad, but she who is psycho. Yes, unfortunately she also spouted off nonsense to her two-thousand plus followers, but maybe some bad press will get people interested in seeing what she hated about it?? Your book is good.. yes, it was a kick to the ego, but would you rather people say bad things or nothing at all? In terms of press .. is bad press better or worse than no press at all?? hmm.... I'd probably feel the same way as you. Keep your chin up.. She doesn't have any power over you! :)

  3. Amani, I'm not's still super upsetting. I wanted to call you so bad but as you can see it was 2am and we've been thru that before =D

    Anonymous, I wish I knew who you were. Your comment is so very amazing, thank you so much. It was more than a kick to the ego because I've recv'd a few not so glowing reviews, but to see something of yours burning...deliberately set of fire. That's such a powerful statement.

    But what was worse was when my great aunt found it. She is old enough to be my grandmother and when she saw that she was devastated. That’s why I didn’t post the link to that blog anywhere because I want to shield my family from that kind of meanness because they take it more personally than I do.

    Thanks again Anonymous for checking out my blog.