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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Haters welcome!

Word of the day:
PRONUNCIATION: (ik-SPOS-chuh-layt) verb: To reason earnestly with someone in order to dissuade.

How to survive a horror movie tip # 19
Never publicly announce your plans for the future if you make it out alive. It guarantees that you have no future.

H.A.T.E.R.S = Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
So there was this woman who owns a web-designing firm that I had to take to court last year, and to be completely honest with you I totally forgot who she was until I read the 1 star “review” she posted on Amazon about The Darkness.

If she didn’t have her picture posted to her Amazon page I would have never known who she was. I was laughing so hard when I read it I had tears running down my face and I had to flip thru archived emails because I couldn’t even remember her name.

It’s interesting that someone would be able to review a product without purchasing it 1st, and I know she hasn’t bought a copy of The Darkness because the very last thing that she’ll ever do is put money into my pocket.

It’s really creepy and sad that after all this time she doesn’t have anything else to do but stalk me online and post spiteful little comments, but at the same time, it’s flattering in a twisted little way that someone I’ve completely written off and forgotten about not only still thinks about me but invests the time to look me up and then write a snide little comment.

In a way that I can’t explain I actually like that, I think that naysayers and people who go out of their way to criticize is a truer measure of one’s success. Because if I was working a dead end minimum job, or living out on the streets she wouldn’t say anything, because she’d would be genuinely happy to see me that way…

But I’m not; I am enjoying the benefits of owning my own company, which allows me the time to chase my dream as a writer. The Darkness is my 1st novel and its being warmly received, my short stories are being accepted for publication with two different publishing houses and I am about half way done with Book II in The Spectrum Trilogy.

I am about to start a two-month tour and will be a vendor at a few horror and science fiction conventions. Hopefully there will be more people who publicly display their distain for my success because that will only mean that I am on the right track. So in the words of a famous comedian…

(Warning expletive)


  1. that is just a little bit sad innit. Still, it's a measure of your success that you get these kind of retarded comments.
    Like the cover for AL by the way

  2. It is really kinda of sad, because the last thing I am going to waste time on is checking up on people I've deemed unworthy to no longer be in my life. I just have other more important things to do.

    Thanks I'm really happy about the way the cover for AL turned out as well. Speaking of more important things to do I gotta get some writting done today ;-D

  3. All I can say is she has to be extremely jealous of you to take that type of time to leave a review in the first place.. kind of scary if you think about it.. stalk'erish..