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Monday, January 10, 2011

Buyer Beware!

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So as most of you know, I customized and purchase this calander to give to the grand prize winner of my launch party

Shorty after posting the calendar on FB I get this raving email from the Zazzle shop owner claiming copyright infringement:

Before to write to you we informed and consulted our manager and legal office at Zazzle.You are seriously damaging me trying to give away for free my copyrighted images , sticking your name to my logo of graphic studio without any riferiment to me on your Facebook page. You can not do this kind of personal use of my calendar on web.
You bought a calendar, buying a customized calendar don't give the rights to use of my images . You can use your calendar only at your Home .
I Don't permit to publish my images on your personal site . Remove them immediately .
You can not use my copyrighted images and logos for no reason. You can not give away , distribute for free on web or another electronic media , you can not do electronic copies or distribute without expressed permission of me .You have the rights of your words not the images.Buying a calendar do not give the rights of propriety of images. Did you understand ?
You can not get property of Logos , Trademarks sticking your name for your promotion.
You are in a grave infringement of copyright . Unfortunately I see that you don't know the rules of image copyrights. You can not give away as a gift copyrighted images and logos . I repeat you must remove them immediately. After if you like we can find an appropriate and correct mode to support the promotion of your novel with our graphics /images on web. We are also open to discuss about "Caduceus" as cover art image .]

I ignored this email, because for one because if you allow customization of your product thru an online store such as Zazzle you’re basically granting the person the right to use the images, two I have other things to do than try and reason with a person who doesn’t know what there talking about, and three by the wording of his emails it doesn’t seem like English is his 1st language so there’s no telling what could be lost in translation.

So I get two more emails from this guy demanding that I put a link to his Zazzle store on my pix, and finally when he gets no response from me he flags the pix on facebook claiming copyright infringement.

Meanwhile back on the farm … I contacted Zazzle & fowarded the above email and this is the response I got from them:

[Dear Crystal,

Thank you for your email.

I apologize for the response that one of our sellers sent to you. Please be aware that you have done nothing wrong. I believe the seller is misinformed or confused about copyrights. You purchased the product and have every right to give that calendar away as a gift or keep it for your own enjoyment.

Thanks for using

Best Regards,
Content Management Team
Zazzle Inc]

How interesting considering that in his 1st threat to me he claimed to have “consulted our manager and legal office at Zazzle.” I have filed a Copyright Counter Complaint against this shop owner, so the pix of the calendar should be reinstate by Facebook shortly.

His whole deal was he wanted me to tell everybody where I bought the calendar...and I’ll do that now, because from one consumer to another, I cannot in good conscious recommend that any of you spend any money with this shop owner. Even though the work is beautiful the ensuing harassment, ranting and raving is not worth it.

Especially since there are so many other amazing artist on both Zazzle and Etsy who are far more deserving of our hard earned money.

Buyer beware when shopping The art of Bulgan_Lumimi on


  1. Sorry to hear of the treatment you received from this zazzle storekeeper who has twisted ideas concerning copyright.

    I'm glad you realised he/she is 'misinformed confused' about copyright and good of Zazzle Content Management to reassure you.

    As a designer and zazzle storekeeper please be assured that all the zazzle SKs I know of would never behave this way and any product you buy grants you the rights to give away as a gift, keep it for your own use or, in many cases, entitles you to re-brand, buy in bulk and even re-sell for your community or group.

    PS I will make sure I don't refer anyone to the named store.

  2. Hi David,

    Geez this was the 1st time something has happened to me…ever!

    As an author, copyright issues are something I pay more than attention to so I was completely blown away by his wild accusations and of course it pissed me off which is why I fowarded that email straight to Zazzle.

    Your comment answered a question that I didn’t ask but started to wonder about after I got his 1st email. Bulk orders. His store allows the purchase of 500 units or more, I’m hard pressed to think that he may believe someone ordering in bulk intends to horde them all inside their home. What in the world does he think someone order 25 calanders is going to do with them?

    I got off of that crazy train at the 1st stop.

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars between Zazzle and Etsy & was considering closing my Zazzle acct so for you as a Zazzle storekeeper to stop by comment means a ton. Thanks =D