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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Ultimate Bad Guy…oh be still my beating heart.

So going on a recommendation I rented a movie called Serenity and just 15 min in we’re introduced to “The Operative.” and I loved him immediately. This is by far one of the most
commanding bad guys I have seen in film.

Just by looking at him, you know he is the one who’s in charge, yet he does not raise his voice or use a threatening tone of voice. In fact it’s quite the opposite, The Operative is soft spoken and eloquent but the things he says gives you Goosebumps. ommanding bad guys I have seen in film.

The Operative: You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.

Dr. Mathias: Well, unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sword.

Dr. Mathias: [as the Operative pulls out his sword] I would put that down right now if I were you.

The Operative: Would you be killed in your sleep, like an ailing pet?

Another thing that is both unnerving and alluring about The Operative is how calm he always is and how he controls every thing and person around him. We never see him mad, or even raise his voice…his fight scenes appear as if they were choreographed by the American Ballet Theatre.

The Operative: I'm sorry. If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to. You should have taken my offer. Or did you think none of this was your fault?

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: I don't murder children.

The Operative: I do. If I have to.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Why? Do you even know why they sent you?

The Operative: It's not my place to ask. I believe in something greater than myself. A better world. A world without sin.

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: So me and mine gotta lay down and die... so you can live in your better world?

The Operative: I'm not going to live there. There's no place for me there... any more than there is for you. Malcolm... I'm a monster. What I do is evil. I have no illusions about it, but it must be done.

I can not say enough about this character except his is the most beautiful, graceful, bad ass, bad guy that I have seen so far and The Operative is my new favorite villain!


  1. It's Israel.

    I'm so glad that you liked the movie. The moment I read the blog post heading I instantly knew that you liked it. The operator goes onto the top of my favorite characters in movie's from just the way that he presents himself. What is more frightening is that he seems so surreal and unimaginable in real life but you know there are people who do what he does...That sometimes there are necessary evils.

  2. So, it looks like you loved the movie. I'm glad that you did because it's one of my favorites. The villain is a true villain. Calculated, cold and very well thought out. One with a goal that he truly believes in a scary thought to think that such a person can exist in our world. Anyway, I have to re watch this movie now.

  3. Isreal, OMG the last few movies you recommended you knocked it out of the park! And you're right I have no idea why the hell I hadn't seen it before now! See ya in the next few days!