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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Monday, September 13, 2010

The edits for The Darkness are done!

So the edits are done, I sent the final proofs to both Celeste (my editor) and Dave over at Necropolis Studio Productions...No we're not there yet.

For the book version this is now the layout phase, in the next couple of days I am going to get a PDF file of the book to review, this will have everything that you'll see when you hold the book in your hands...the cover art, dedication page, sneak peak for Artificial Light and excerpts from ...And They All Lived Happily Ever After. Once that's signed off on we then start sending copies to reviewers, after we get some of the reviews back they will be included in The Darkness and then it goes to print. But not before we figure out pricing for all the different forms i.e. Paperback, Kindle, Sony Reader overseas markets and so on.

While that is going on Tracee and I will start shoring up tour dates and tour stops =D I am sooooo looking forward to touring!

Now for the audio version of the book. Because it's not a regular audio book with just one reader Dave is going to have to rewrite The Darkness into a screenplay because we are doing an audiodrama...image just listening to a movie or a tv show, that's how the audio version of The Darkness will sound like. Complete with opening theme music and a whole cast of characters.

Dave is reading it now and I am kinda excited to see how he envisions The Darkness. NSP Age Of The Zombie was a PARSEC finalist in 2009 & was nominated again in 2010 and their Just Call Me Jack is also a 2010 nominee =D I'm in super good hands and am really humbled to be working with such a kick ass team. There is a really cool banner but I don't think I can post it here because it's just the 1st draft.

Oh and I am getting a hardcopy of the screenplay and I asked Dave if the all the cast and crew would sign it...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I'm a super dork but I don't care and you guys love me anyways.

I am so wired that I cannot sleep. My employee and intern will be handling the daily duties of Seattle Crystal Concierge til Wed. I need to get Amber's New Friend done like yesterday. I am going to just stay up because meeting Kathi for breakfast and afterwards I am coming home and going to bed and when I get up I'm writing.

Oh my gosh the DVD pick of the week is brutal, should have it up by Wed. Til next time

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