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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DVD pick of the week...a Month in review

Are you serious? A horror flick for the sake of horror? Thank God.

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan’s 2009 The Collector takes us back to the nostalgic time when horror movies were really scary. For those of you who like hack and slash there’s something in it for you, for those of you who like a suspenseful plot twist (like me) there’s something in it for you too! But wait there’s more…for those of you who like it when the bad guy gets away and there is no happy ending this movie is for you!

The opening scene hooks you from the start and if you like kind of movie watcher who screams warnings at the people on the screen you’re in for a treat! The film then drops us off at a house under construction, with contractors from every union crawling around. We learn the homeowner are going away for a weekend holiday, and then we find out one of the workers was there to “case the joint” to commit the perfect cat burglary while the owners are way.

Our thief makes the perfect entry, goes right for the safe…and then discovers he is not the only one whose broken in and the other guy isn’t looking for the family jewels. What follows over the next 95 min. is reminisce of the original Friday the 13th and Halloween with just a squeeze of Saw (the 1st one). This movie is well done and a hell of a ride and scary as hell. I just hope they don’t fuck it up with a sequel!5 stars!

Final a kick ass Science Fiction Movie.

Duncan Jones’ 2009 Moon is a surprisingly refreshing Sci-Fi film that tells a haunting story without all the distractions of unnecessary special affects. From the opening scene we’re introduced to astronaut Sam Bell at the end of his three-year solitary contact on the moon, where he has been working as a contractor to harvest resources to help replenish the ones we’ve used up on earth. The entire movie takes place on the moon and the only characters are Sam and his computer that is more like a robot. Moon has a slow start but a powerful finish and paints an unsettling picture of what could happen if we continue to rape our planets resources and allow corporate greed and science exploration to continue unchecked.
This one earns 5 out of 5 stars!

This movie is fucking gross, creepy and downright terrorizing.=D

Mark A. Lewis created the all time monster movie with his 2009 “The Thaw” it comes out of one of my favorite horror film production houses Ghost House Underground. The Thaw is so effective at being unsettling because it deals with things that are happening right now…global warming; and the geological disaster/monster in this movie is not a hurricane, its not a funnel cloud, its not an earthquake – but a bug. For me this movie was extremely hard to watch because I suffer from acute Entomophobia - Fear of insects.

The 90% of this movie was view from between the cracks of my fingers and from behind my pillow but Lewis tells and interesting tale of how far a person will go to prove a point and the sacrifice others are willing to make to save Mother Earth. I’m giving The Thaw 4 1/2 out of 5 stars…only because its super creepy, and almost too scary to watch (for me anyway)

We’ve seen it all before.

And it began with Alejandro Guillermo Arriaga’s 2000 “Amores perros” (Life’s a Bitch), and then again with Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” in the same year. Greg Marcks gives us 11:14 in 2003, the following year Paul Haggis gives is “Crash” and to make sure the dead horse is thoroughly beaten in 2006 we return to Guillermo Arriaga who completes the cycle by giving us “Babel.”

All and All 11:14 is not a bad film. You’ll be asking WTF from the very 1st scene, and Greg Marcks does a really great job at keeping the characters storyline separated until the very end. And the story line is fast paced and at times witty. It gets 3 ½ out of 5 because this is a copycat idea.

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