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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Monday, January 11, 2010

Try squeezing nearly 70,000 words into a page or two.

Writing the damn synopsis is so much harder than writing the book. It was so hard for me to scrape this story to the bare bone and still keep it interesting so someone want to read it. For your reading entertainment: The synopsis for The Darkness

The Darkness

Word count: 67,825

An urban fantasy/science fiction book, The Darkness is told in an urban setting. Artemisia, a scientist who also practices alchemy, is wealthy beyond imagination. As an alchemist Artemisia has created and controls an empire of jewelry firms and factories that monopolizes the industry globally. As a scientist Artemisia is one of the founding members of The Skyward Group, a privately funded, secret science research facility whose experiments erase the boundaries of where man ends and God begins.
Artemisia has everything money, fame, knowledge and power. She has everything except for a child.

Inanna, a powerful and dangerous witch is wealthy beyond imagination. At a very young age Inanna potential frightened the others in her village and in the middle of the night they tried to kill her and her mother. Inanna’s mother was able to get a head start but not by much. Inanna’s life was spared but her mother perished. In her grief and rage Inanna killed the all people of her village and resolved her self to studying all things occult vowing never to be hurt again. As a witch, never has there been one as powerful as Inanna. Inanna has everything money, knowledge and power. She has everything except for a child.

At three months old The Child only saw the world through the bars of his locked cage has nothing. At three months old he doesn’t have a mommy, he doesn’t have a daddy and he doesn’t have a name. The scientists working for The Alpha Omega Foundation do not talk to The Child; they only study him because The Child is dangerous. The Child could make things happen just by thinking about it – even if that something was to make you dead.

When Artemisia is made aware of the experiment being conducted by their archenemy she sets into motion a chain of events that will change both her life and the life of The Child forever. The Skyward Group sends a team to retrieve The Child. Under The Skywards Group guardianship The Child is finally giving a name Adam; and Artemisia finally has a child. For the next 3 ½ years Adam flourishes under the experiments of The Skyward Group until one day Adam mysterious vanishes from the secure facility causing Artemisia to be plunged into an abyss of turmoil and grief.

One night while Inanna was driving through a wooded area four year old Adam stumbles onto the road where she almost runs him over. Surprised to see a child in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere Inanna leaps from her car to see if Adam is Ok. Because Adam is scared and confused he tries to kill her, this is his third murder attempt but unlike his 1st two victims Inanna does not die. From that night forward Adam lives with Inanna has her son, and Inanna finally has a child.

Artemisia was led to believe that Adam had been kidnapped and killed and 14 years later when Artemisia finds out otherwise it might be to late to salvage the relationship with the child she considered her son. Adam is furious with Artemisia and struggles with feelings of abandonment rejection as he feels like she just didn’t want him anymore.

Adam begins to stalk Artemisia, killing people she closely interacts with because he didn’t know that Inanna cast spells of protection and cloaking to ensure he would not be found. Inanna tries to comfort Adam but he refuses to be pacified because he wants to make Artemisia pay.

When Adam’s fury driven decision...

Ok so the thing that sucks about writing a synopsis disclosing the ending which sorry folks I'm not gonna do here. If you wanna know the ending support a starving artist and buy the book =D


  1. How bout this for a blurb:

    The Child, staring at the world through the bars of his locked cage, had nothing. He had no mother, no father and no name. All he had was the ability to make things happen - just by thinking about them.

    Artemisia, a woman of science, and Inanna, a woman of magic, both have everything; money, influence and power. Everything except a child.
    - - - - - - -

    I'm having trouble figuring out the next few lines/hook - is the book more about the two women or the kid? Is it "see the war betwen the two women/philosophies" or "Angry Adam sets out to destroy his 'mother', the leader of the group that kept him in a cage"

    also - is that correct above when you say "When Artemisia is made aware of the experiment being conducted by their archenemy"? Is Inanna her archenemy? You didn't establish that in the first part when you talked about Artemisia. so if I'm reading this right, Inanna and Artemisia were rivals before the existence of the child was known to Inanna?

  2. Does the title "The Darkness" refer to The Child, the battle between the two women or the OUTCOME of the battle between the two? Perhaps a line about that could end the blurb.