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Monday, January 11, 2010

Authors Anonymous: Color part 2

Coaches instructions: If you had to describe yourself as a color, which would you choose and why?

As you know I did not want to do this drill. It’s still just as challenging as when I wrote the 1st Color and I still couldn’t find a way not to incorporate race.

Well like I promised I gave it another shot.

My story Color part 2 follows:

I am the color of the Red Sands of African a land where my roots were 1st planted.

I am the color of Oxidized Iron, from shackles that bound my predecessors in the storage hold.

I am the color of the green, brown and white cotton fields and I am the color red from the blood that ran down the fingers that picked them.

I am the blue color of the Civil War Union uniform.

I am the white hot color of rage, I am the iridescent color of tears, I am every color on the spectrum from orange to red in outrage and am the bottomless color of black by the betrayal that the Choctwaw people felt when being removed from lands that been held since antiquity.

I am the Silver-Blue color of The Rio Grande that “Los Mojado’s”, the wet ones, risked their lives to cross in order to make a better life for their heirs.

I am the color of fire that burned bras in the 60’s.

I am all the bright colors of the arrogant peacock, because I am the color of my ancestors.


  1. Hi Crystal. I love the phrase "arrogant peacock" it perfectly paints a picture in my head. My great grandfather was Choctaw, so that moved me quite a bit, but I noticed it's the only stanza that doesn't evoke a specific color. All and all a truly beautiful piece.

  2. Dang it! Melissa your right...don't panic I'll figure it out.

  3. So basically I did what I said I wasn't going to do. I edited a post, this post because there was just no way around it.

  4. I can see how she thinks your arrogant, the way your showing off by doing all the writing prompts. I don’t know why your so proud of yourself your not the next Terry McMillan

  5. I was floored when I read your comment, so if you goal was to hurt me it worked. It stings and more than just a little.

    I wanted to respond in a state of belligerence, to use my power as writer like a sword to cut you into little pieces. I wanted to remove your comment…but that would have been a decision made on an impulse.

    I’m going to leave your comment there, and if I get more comments like yours I’m going to leave those there as well.

    Comments like those will only serve to teach me to accept negative criticism gracefully. This was bound to happen and as I gain more and more exposure it’s going to happen again and I am going to smile, shrug my shoulder and move on.

    Those who can do and those who can’t criticize.

    I’m done crying, I’m going to go dry my eyes and continue writing. I’m not the next Terry McMillan, your right. But the fact that you put me in the same category as that multimillion-dollar powerhouse in the literary industry did more for my ego than you’ll ever know.

    I’m not the next Terry McMillan…not yet but I could be, and even in your disdain for me you know I could be too.

  6. Wow, anonymous... me thinks that you're most likely a fledgeling writer who just can't cut it, so you randomly browse through the blogs and leave innappropriate, mean comments. Good for you! What a good use of your time, and ours. Crystal, don't waste one tear on this person. Moron.

  7. Wow anonymous! Apparently you aren't either, since you can't even use you're in the right context. Critiques are intended to help a writer, and I don't see anything in your comment aimed to help anyone except maybe you trying to help your own sense of self worth. Terry McMillan had to start somewhere too, you idjit!

    Crystal- your writing and imagery are beautiful- your phrase with the "arrogant peacock" was stunning, because I DO think of peacocks as arrogant, but at the same time they are a part of nature and so they are innocent and beautiful as well.

    Keep it up, Crystal!

  8. Crystal, I love the imagery, it brought the words to life for me! I look forward to meeting you :)

  9. Crystal, I felt a little upset with anonymous post myself, as he seemed to be referring to my post in his. Obviously I do not think of you in that way. I thought this prompt was beautifully done and love the edit you did to the stanza. Good on you for the way you responded to the troll. Keep up the wonderful work.

  10. Now that I have consumed my weight in caffeine and sugar I’m ok. Mel I know you do not think of me that way…I’m the one who used the word arrogant besides anything that is as beautiful as a peacock has the right to be a little proud.

    And here’s the thing, my mom told me once that you have to be a little arrogant to believe in yourself when others around you are saying that you shouldn’t. And of course there are always those kinds of people around.

    I got a private email from a group member about Color part 2; this person explained to me that the references to Slavery, Indian Reservations and Illegal Immigration made this person extremely uncomfortable and this person felt it was untactful for me to use the “race card”.

    I can deal with this type of feedback; this person was simply explaining how I made them feel. I wish this person had left the comments publicly because I do not think those views are anything to feel bad about because talking about race is difficult.

    For the comments left by anonymous as far as story telling goes, I’m good at it, I always have been; and if you think I’m showing off now…wait til you read “Ruins” I wish I knew who you we’re because I’d send you an autographed copy of my book.

    Keep an eye on me anonymous because I’m not going to put down my pen until my plumes block out the light of the sun…now how’s that for arrogance?

  11. So are you trying to tell us that you are black, am. indian and mexican? How can you be sure that you don't have any white ancestors? I mean its not a bad thing if you do...

  12. Beautiful, creative, expressive.

    I loved it.

    Cindy from South King County/Meetup

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