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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Authors Anonymous: A Haunted House


Asha sat on the end of the couch with her long legs stretched out before her crossed at the ankles. She was looking out of the window at the Sabine River that was still as glass and the lush green Flora and Fauna that, at this time of year, made the Louisianan Bayou look like some distant beautiful exotic lands that you seen on the National Geographic channel.

Amber, Asha ever-present constant shadow asking a million questions a minute, was leaning against her and biting her nails. Asha was extremely agitated and in a pretty murderous mood. From the 3rd or 4th day that they had been here…Asha couldn’t remember, you couldn’t slide a sheet of paper between Asha and Amber, yet Amber pressed herself closer to Asha as she jockeyed for a better position in which to fall asleep. Asha ground her teeth but let it ride.

“We’re gonna be ok Jim, you’ll see. This is our home.” Stacy said. She looked tired. And who wouldn't be tired, there had not been a peaceful nights sleep from the moment they stepped in this house which was six months ago and the war waged at nights in the house was nothing but the calm before the storm.

We’re gonna be ok…Asha snapped her head in Stacey’s direction so fast she thought that maybe she strained her neck. The glare she threw her way was utter astonishment.
We’re gonna be ok.
Asha laughed and returned her gaze to the scenery of the lake.

The priest that was called to perform the exorcism of the house, there were three of them actually. They made it only to the 2nd step of the porch before the joint decision was made not to enter the house.

The voodoo priestess summoned from the French Quarter, and believe me she was the real deal, didn’t even get out of the car. Ambassadors from both ends of the religious spectrum wanted no parts of this but not to worry because We’re gonna be ok.

Now they were waiting for the “paranormal investigation team.” Asha took a long deep breath. If these guys were worth their weight in salt and not some band of traveling circus gypsies preying on the weak and desperate; they would know they were in over their heads.

No such luck. 20 min later the circus gypsies entered the house brandishing thousands of dollars worth of equipment to establish credibility.

The leader of this Ponzi scheme was Richard he read the desperation of Stacy’s body language like an open book and Asha watched Richard like a hawk. Richard offered crackpot hypothesizes while his team took notes and agreed with him for dramatic effect, did a “sweep” of the house and was now ready to “make contact.”

Asha was furious and her trembling woke Amber who knew just by looking at her that something was wrong.

Armed with an EMF meter, to measure electromagnetic fields, and a temperature monitor Richard took three big slow breaths, again for dramatic effect and asked his 1st question.

“Please show us a sign of your presence.” It was all too much for Asha. She stood up and all the storm shutters over the windows slammed shut. She snatched the EMF meter from Richard and flung it across the room where it shattered against the wall.

“Get out!”

Asha?” Amber whispered. Asha warned her to stay on the couch.
Clarence who had been filming dropped the high def camera and started towards the door.

“Clay, where are you going?” Richard demanded.

“Fuck you, what do you mean where am I going? You ain’t ever gonna hear about the Jenkins moving into that damn house in Amityville and you ain’t ever gonna see a movie about “the haunting of cousin Pookie and them” and you wanna know why?” Clarence asked as he opened the door, “Because when a house says get people we get our kids and we get our shit and we get the fuck out.”


But it was pointless Clarence was already in his Escalade and backing out of the driveway.


“Hi I’m Amber what’s you’re name?”

Asha was in the 2nd floor bedroom watching the Mayflower moving truck leave the driveway. “Asha. Now leave.”

Amber left…the bedroom, but continued to accost the entity from the hallway. “I’m four years old, and daddy says I can not play in the lake cuz its dangerous. How long have you been here? Did you see my new doll?”

Oh Christ. Asha turned to look at the little girl sitting on the floor in the hallway. Children had always been able to see Asha, but no child as old as Amber.

“See?” She asked as she held up her doll.

“I have been here for one thousand years. Listen to your father and stay out of the water.”

“A thousand years, wow. Why are you still here? You are really pretty, I like your earrings, my daddy says I can not have my ears pierced, my favorite color is yellow and besides I’m a really good swimmer.”

Amber had made her way back into Asha’s bedroom, struggled to climb into the large leather wingback chair and was now sitting in it and swinging her legs.

“I am still here because this is my house. Stay out of that water, there are things living in it that have been there longer than I have been here. I want you to leave.”

“But I like it in your room.”

“I’m not talking about my room baby doll, I want you and your family to move out of my house.”

“But why? Don’t you wanna be my friend?”

“No. I don’t.”

“There you are honey, who are you talking to?”

“My friend Asha, this is her house and I don’t think she likes us here.”

Stacy looked into the empty room. This was a big house and she expected that Amber would make an imaginary friend or two, she was after all only four. She thought it was Amber’s idea that they weren’t wanted there because she knew her daughter would rather still be in California.

“No honey I’m sure Asha is happy to have you here she’s your friend and this is our house honey. We’re home, come on Ber-Bear it’s time for lunch.”

Asha never understood why people never listed to their children. Oh well she guessed this family, like the others would have to learn the hard way.

The next morning Amber woke up wearing small yellow sapphire earrings worth about $3,000.00 dollars.

“Where did you get those earrings?” Even though they hadn’t been appraised the value of Amber’s jewelry was apparent.

“Asha gave them to me.”

That was a warning that Asha had sent to her parents, but of course they ignored it.


Every window in the house was shattered, every piece of furniture save for the couch that Amber was sitting, on was destroyed.

Stacy could now see Asha and so could Jim. Stacy couldn't understand how Asha could be so beautiful.

Richard and his band of gypsies were all dead, Jim’s injuries looked like they had been earned on a battlefield, Amber was trying to calm Asha down and Stacy was on her hands and knees knelling protectively over Jim with one hand in the air as to ward off Asha’s intentions.

She was crying tears of blood, blood rain from her nose and ears and she could taste it in her mouth. Stacy was in a frenzied state of negotiations.

“Please, Asha I’ll do what you want. Please do not hurt my family. Please Asha just tell me what you want.”

“I want you out of my house.”

Stacy was vigorous shaking her head, “Ok, ok we’re going. How can I move my husband?” She asked because his injuries were so serve that she feared if she moved him she would kill him.

Asha snapped her fingers and Jim was able to sit up, he was still in a great deal of pain but he was able to aid his wife in his egress.

At last Asha had her house back.

She felt another woman out there who shared her family name. The member’s of Asha’s family was dwindling there wasn’t too many left but this woman she felt was strong and this one was coming home and no one but her family would live peacefully in this house.


  1. Oh I get it, this is from the ghosts point of view. The only thing I have issue with is that in this story you are implying that paranormal investigation is fake science but voodoo is accepted as a religion other than that this is a pretty scary story.
    P.S. If Asha didn’t like the little girl why did she give her expensive earrings and tell her to stay out of the lake? Are you sure Asha didn’t like her because she was the only one in the story that did not get hurt. Thanks for the post.

  2. Welcome...1st off Voodoo is an accepted from of religion just spend some time in the bayou, west indies, brazil this list goes on and on.

    As far as the paranormal team in the story they did not help this family at all =( and Amber is just a baby not really a threat to the ghost. Thanks 4 your coments Ginger!