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Friday, August 16, 2013

What Fresh Hell is This? Oh Dear God, its the 'Number One Fan'

Thanks to my online buddy Denny Upkins aka the black Clark Kent, once again I've became aware of another author, this time a game developer, who has decided to quit her job because of death threats not only to her, but to her children.
Her children.

This concept of a fan controlling the way a writer ends a book, even if by torture and death threats was unsettling enough when Stephen King created Annie Wilkes and poor Paul Sheldon but compared to what is happening in real life to real authors makes King's portrayal of Annie Wilkes seem virtuous.

This has become so common that if you ask ten different people about the last artist they heard was aggressively harassed online or threatened with death you would most likely get ten different names.

As a fan, who the fuck do you think you are? What the hell is going through your mind when, masked in secrecy and armed with a keyboard you threaten the life of someone who was brave enough to step out on to the public platform to chase a dream and share what they are most passionate with the rest of us? 

Yes I have recv'd one star reviews, I get hate mail all the time over the way The Darkness ended, and yes The Darkness was burned but people who email me upset over an ending, to debate the authenticness of a fictional world w/fictional characters & that church group have leagues more integrity than the people threatening Jennifer Helper, Charline Harris,  Hajime Isayama, Dan Slott, Kathy Sierra, and others and here's why.

The hate mail, though sometimes directed at me, is for the most part addressing the actions of a character. The following video is an example of acceptable hate mail:
The Church group was protesting the content of my book, they accused me of blaspheming, called me a heretic and worse. But what they did NOT do was attack my family or post my address with detailed accounts of my personal schedule. 

Remember that blog spot that you, as fans, were all rallying around a few months ago entitled 'Readers Don't Owe Authors Sh*t?' 

Incidentally, that happens to be a two way street, we as creators, do not owe you your prefect ending. If you loved the way a book ends, are head over heels about the new female warrior in your favorite game, or are ecstatic that a mainstream horror movie has a gay male hero with a realistic believable female lead that's great, but like the author of that post so eloquently states:

As a fan I hope you find your bliss. But we as creators don't owe it to you.

We don't owe you shit.

And for those of you pissed off at me for this post, here is some more helpful 'how to' material for your reading pleasure: 5 writing tips for people who want to send me death threats

Fridays unfortunate fortune:
You are incredibly methodical, continually checking your sources and verifying where your information is coming from. This trait will come in especially handy once you begin your career as a sorcerer. Black magic, after all, can seem harmless to someone hungry for power.

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