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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I found another review!

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Check out this review I found on GoodReads!
The DarknessThe Darkness by Crystal Connor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Darkness is a really quick paced Sci-Fi/Horror novel that has a lot of fantasy as well. It was a blast to read. I always root for the villain/monster/bad guy and The Darkness gave me a female super villain that I couldn't get enough of...Artemisia! She's ruthless and vain beyond reason. She doesn't apologize for anything she is the ultimate anti-hero.

There is also a very wicked witch in The Darkness who powers are so great the last place on earth she'll ever be is tied to a burning stake. In a lot of stories I've read that revolve around a very powerful a witch, the witch is always evil, the witch in The Darkness Inanna is indeed evil...but she is not the bad guy. In a nice twist she is actually the hero in this book and that totally caught me off guard and I love being thrown off when I'm reading a book!

I was so stunned at the ending I wasn't really sure what to do, its amazing ending but I didn't see it coming and I was holding my breath for a different ending.

The best part of this book was finding out that there is a sequel! There is a preview of the next book called Artificial Light. It's kinda weird because the review start on chapt 6 but it makes me feel better about the way The Darkness ended because introduces us to some new characters two of them I can't tell you who they are because it won't make any sense until you read the 1st book but there is another witch and a group of knights which makes me believe Artificial Light will have a lot more of a sword and sorcery element to it and that is just fine by me!

Fans of both the Twilight series and Dan Brown and anyone in between will have fun reading this book.

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