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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Touching Base

Hey peoples....Happy Holidays!

So I'm getting ready for my launch party which will be Fri, JAN 21st. I'm super excited about it because there are so many kick ass people who are helping me make this a really big event! Because I have friends and family on both sides of the coast and some in between it's going to be held online so that everyone can make it. Here is the flyer for my party!

So I am chipping away at The Lazarus Antidote. This little story was stressing me out a bit but now its opened up a bit and I can see where its going...and I like it. Antidote is the only thing I am going to work on only until the end of the year and then I am going to put it away for awhile if I'm not done by then.

This is a short post I know but just wanted to touch base with you guys to wish you happy and safe holidays and let you know what I was up to.
til next time!

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