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Sunday, December 5, 2010

So basically my BFF rocks!

So yesterday I got an email from another author asking if I could leave a customer review on Amazon, while I'm there I type in "Crystal Connor, The Darkness" just to see what happens...

I was shocked and upset that 1. It is now available to purchase, 2. There was no cover art or book description, 3. It is not available for Kindle, and that if I hadn't of looked I would have had no idea that it is available...

I call my BFF and start complaining and all upset for reasons listed above and all she heard was that it's on Amazon, she gets super excited, she buys the 1st copy and then starts posting that fact on facebook!

Nooooooo! Oh God whhhhhyyyy?!?

I begged her to remove the posts and comments because I didn't want anyone to go to Amazon just the see no image or blank product description. I send an email to my editor and by 1:30 this morning I haven't heard back and text BFF pretty bummed out because I have tons of questions with no answers & BFF knows because of this that I've been in a really bad mood all day.

So what does she do to cheer me up?

She sends me this happy text telling me the pic and descript were up and it's time to start letting everybody know that's it's available on Amazon & B&N!

So I go over to Amazon and guess what I see? Under the cover art I notice her name. She uploaded a customer image on to Amazon (and I think she even wrote the description) I was thunderstruck that she would do that for me and it felt just like a hug and of course I got all choked and up teary-eyed. It was the coolest thing that happened to me today =D

So yes The Darkness is now availble to purchase via and thanks to my BFF both the cover art and synopsis and be viewed as well.

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