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The Darkness, Artificial Light, In The Valley of Shadows

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh the Horror of it all!

So I get three reviews back today and two of them proclaim about the new exotic-action-suspense-thriller book by Crystal Connor!

What? Oh boy..

Before I get start all three are really good reviews I was totally jumping up and down when I read each one, it's crazy to hear amazing things about your work from critics and colleagues. But when I 1st wrote The Darkness I intended to pen a horror story and looking back on the short story, it was pretty scary. So I'm not really sure how I got lost in the wilderness and lost the genre path of horror. When the 1st rough draft was completed and read I was told by one that it wasn't really scary but suspenseful and another said he thought Darkness was an science fiction thriller.

I'm ok with being labeled a science fiction writer because oftentimes sci fi and horror are are each others evil twin and I grew up reading Robin Cook and Dean Koontz and those are two great examples of writers jumping between horror and sci fi.

So back to the horror of it all, this is probably why I'm getting way more than my share of rejection letters...because I am submitting to the wrong contest and publishing houses, yet I am very reluctant to submit my work to science fiction writing contest, magazines and publishing because when I think of science fiction I think of Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, George Orwell, and Arthur C. Clark. My stories are nothing like that...I don't think.

I lost my mind about what genre I write in a few months ago when I entered The Ruins in the Seattle Crypticon writing contest...I submitted The Monster to Norgus Press a few days ago but I'm not sure how I'll do...again the whole genre thing. I'm going to stressing over it and just be happy with the fact that I can tell a good story.

Ok then moving on.

Dave sent me 1st draft of the 1st few pages of the audio drama adaptation and its incredible =D Its hard to explain seeing your work in screenplay format. I am a very visual writer, when I write all of these characters are moving around in my mind, I see what they see, hear what, they hear...the only way I can kind of explain it is that Dave vision is my vision in 3D

And its super fun to read. There are all kinds of notes that I don't understand, there are breaks for music and fade ins I'm just having a blast.

In closing for those of you who think I ignore your emails about staying on top of the DVD Picks of the Week or movies suggestions for reviews, I don't. I get them all the time and starting next week, I will give you four to make up for this month. And I will do the best that I can to post a DVD pick every Wednesday, or at the very least once a week.


  1. Oh hell no, you did not post my email! Don't be mad tramp, It's your damn fault if you hada did the dvd pick like you was supposed to I woulda had to send that email in the first place.

    Did U see the comment that Cassandra left? It's hella cute, and she's right about your trailer I have no idea why you was tripping. Who's Jason? Call me ho, you me and Tina should do lunch.

  2. J,
    I sure did post your's insane that your referring a bad movie to a "Calamity" swing by and I'll "right this wrong" in the form of a free Blockbuster movie coupon. Drama Queen!

    I did see Cassandra's comment and it is cute but I do not know Jason. Thanks for comments about my trailer. Lunch works, text me!