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Friday, September 3, 2010

A different type of profile pic...part 2

Inspired by the work of Joshua Hoffine

When Misha 1st saw the work of Joshua Hoffine, as I was explaining what I wanted in a photo shoot, the very 1st thing she said was “We need to bring Lauren in on this project.” By Lauren she meant Lauren Hoodenpyle a wicked FX artists with a feminine touch.

Ladies and Gentlemen please turn your attention to the drop dead gorgeous, insanely talented miss Lauren Hoodenpyle…

Before we get started can you please explain to everyone the difference between Fashion Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, and Special Effects (FX Makeup)?
Fashion make up is purely beauty make up which is more everyday or make up designed to match to outfits.

Theatrical make is character makeup which is design heavy for lighting that is centered above actors head so therefore its heavy in appearance.

Fx make up is dealing with prosthetics and applications to create the illusion of abrasions and creatures.

Where or what was your training to become and makeup artist and was/is there additional training to become a FX artist? I went to make-Up Designory ( for all aspects of make up as well as creature design which is sculpture and development of body suits and face pieces.

What films of images influenced your decision to get into a career in make-up/special effects? Return of the living dead, American werewolf in London, Dead Alive, Day of the Dead, The Thing, Hell Raiser, and Clash of the Titans.

What do you love most about being a FX artist? I enjoy making monsters come to life. I especially love gore and making it realistic.

What about the horror genre interests you? I have always leaned to towards the macabre.

My fascination with the supernatural started a very young age. Looking for ghost and monsters in the closet were a passion never a fear.

I just love the unexplainable way more fun then any standard day-to-day things.
How important is FX makeup when trying to convey a visual story?
In order to make people feel they are really in a story you have to create the world the story is set in. If the make up is bad or kills the illusion it takes the viewer out of the story. They become aware they are in a movie hence the story is killed.

What do you think draws people to horror movies, images and novels? People love to be scared it is the strongest emotion next to sadness and love. In a world so dry and absent of feeling. I think people miss natural emotions and movies help us remember what we can no longer see in ourselves.

What is your favorite special effect, creature, or scene from a movie?I can not say one in particular. I am fond of the details in clash of the titans for that year. Especial since most of the film are macettes. But also the transforming werewolf in American werewolf in London amazing. Return of the Living Dead’s Tar man…amazing and complete with no C.G. I love that monsters were created from scratch with out help of computers. So to name one would be a lie I love them all!

Do you think there can be an instance where there is too much gore, and if yes, do you think writers and directors go overboard intentionally? I think some movies were created for gore hounds. So when you bring a storyline to say a slasher film you kill the point. Just like bringing to much gore to a psychological thriller kills its purpose. Gore is powerful enough to stand on itself to sell a movie. How many movies have you gone to see because someone was like “they chop off her legs and feed them to a cow” blab la J point made.

As a FX artist where do you draw the line in depicting gory/unsettling images? There is no line. I will go there.

Beyond your own work (of course), who is your all-time favorite FX artist and why? Honestly to many to mention and usually FX effects are not one person there are groups of people behind the making of one monster.

You’ve had the privilege of working on several movie sets, have you ever been star-struck while doing someone’s makeup? No. I am not a big fan of actors. Though I was star struck by meeting George Romero, in fact I told him I loved him. lol

Are you working on any current projects that you would like to tell us about? I am working on a zombie video for Miramax and I own my own custom purse line.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schd'l to talk with me. Can you tell us all where we can buy your handbags and see more of your work?
Sure,you can go to my myspace page or add me on facebook to see

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