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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My List of Unobtainable Goals & Dreams

Ok here are the items that fan the flames of my impertinent, blatant vanity and cheers me on from the side lines, let's count down from 10.

10. I want my back yard to look like this without having to be outside digging in the dirt and being surrounded by bugs in biblical portions.

9. I want a dog like this who will not chew my shoes or eat small children but I do not want to spend 6 months and 10K on Schutzhund Training.

8. I want to lounge all day in a bathroom like this...and I mean all day.

7. I want to eat like this...

...and look like this.

6.I want my walk closet to be stocked with these items.
If you’re wondering why there are no clothes in my closet please refer to delusion # 7. If I ever find the willpower to put the cake down, eat some vegetables and go to a gym so that I can look like that the very last thing I’m going to be doing is getting dressed.

5. I want a home office just like this one. (oooooh)

4. I want Laurence Fishburne to be the narrator for The Darkness and every other book that I publish.

3. I want this $120k Hermes handbag in every color they come in.

2. Beause the 16.4 Bugatti Veyron has a price tag of only $1,700,000 I want two of them. One in red & one in black.

1. The #1 most unobtainable item on my list this:

I want to solve this problem.
I want to solve it everywhere, for everybody and forever so that never again will a child on the face of this planet will go to bed hungry just wake up the same way.


  1. That photo makes a heartfelt impact. I've heard tell: "God is Love" If God(s) exist, that entity would be sick and twisted.

  2. My comment was on:

    "I want to solve this problem." picture.

  3. Hey Shawn =D! Gosh I know what you mean about this pic, I donate time and services to childrens funds both intern'l & in the US and no matter how much you do its never enough, so the only thing you can do is keep doing.

    FYI bloggers Shawn is my IT Goddess and I can provie it too...go check out:

  4. OMG the office you chose is amazing! 0.o ohhhhh. As for the last picture... :( SAD! If we all listened to what God told us to do; if we all LOVED the way Jesus loved us....there would not be children like that. We can grow fields upon fields of corn to feed our cars yet not to feed the hungry mouths of our starving brothers and sisters. God is real. God is love. He gave to us free will and look upon how we have so shamefully abused it.


  5. Superb list, and what a beautiful website.
    I hope you get all ten. After all, nothing is unobtainable.