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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blurry Vision

When I submitted my 1st manuscript last year my vision was blurry with illusions of fame, glory, seeing my name on bestseller lists, my work being translated into many different languages, book signings, movie deals, A-list rock star parties the whole nine yards…

As The Darkness approaches its publication date my vision isn’t blurry, I still want that kind of writing career, but I find my self reflecting on something my publicist said and I dismissed: “Writing the book is the easy part.”

Because writing is something that I do not struggle with, in my naiveté I though to myself, of course its easy...duh! I had no idea what “rework” meant, couldn’t have imaged the type “handling” and networking that’s involved into shaping and marketing a new writer and I get a headache thinking about everyone else’s “cut” of my profits.

I thought all you had to do to sale a bestseller was write a kick ass book…like I did. Boy what an eye opener last year was for me.

So as I review paper choices, jacket covers and fonts; as I read and reread contracts and terms of service from Bennett and Hastings, Amazon, Kindle and contemplate podcast vs. audio books, as I prepare for my upcoming two month tour, I feel like a hardened war veteran but the closer & closer I get to the launch date its getting harder and harder for me to see straight….because my vision is getting blurry with illusions

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